Pakistan Stock Exchange-Trading and Investing

$ 20

Master the Stock and Forex markets with our comprehensive trading course, blending recorded lessons and live sessions. Join now to unlock premium trade ideas and engage in live analysis, all at nominal charges—take charge of your financial future today!


Discover the secrets of successful trading with our comprehensive Stock and Forex Trading Course – Monthly Mentorship program at The Trade School.

Our course combines recorded lessons and live sessions, covering five key modules:

  1. Market Understanding
  2. Technical Analysis
  3. Advanced Technical Analysis
  4. Fundamental Analysis
  5. Risk Management and Trading Psychology

Join our premium discussion group for exclusive trade ideas and collaborative learning. Benefit from group discussions, top-quality trade setups, and insights into Forex and US Stock Market trading.

Learn from industry experts through live Zoom sessions, where you can engage in live trade analysis and charting sessions.

All this comes at a nominal fee, ensuring maximum value for your investment. Registrations are open, so seize this opportunity to enhance your trading skills and achieve financial success.


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