Volume Spread Analysis-VSA : Forex and US Stock Market

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About Course

Discover the secrets of successful trading with our comprehensive Stock and Forex Trading Course – Volume Spread Analysis at The Trade School.

Our course combines recorded lessons and live sessions. with again and again registration in our live sessions.


The Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) course, based on the methodologies developed by Richard D. Wyckoff, Tom Williams, and Gavin Holmes, is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of market dynamics. This technique, widely used by institutional traders and hedge funds, focuses on analyzing the relationship between volume, price spread, and closing price to identify the activities of smart money and to forecast future price movements.

What is VSA?

Volume Spread Analysis (VSA) is a sophisticated approach to market analysis that examines the interplay between volume and price action. By studying these elements, traders can gain insights into the forces of supply and demand in the market. This technique helps in identifying accumulation and distribution phases, which are critical for predicting potential price trends.

Course Highlights

  1. Foundational Concepts: Learn the core principles of VSA, including the theories established by Richard D. Wyckoff, who pioneered the method of studying the market using price and volume analysis.
  2. Advanced Techniques: Gain knowledge from Tom Williams, who expanded upon Wyckoff’s work, and Gavin Holmes, who brought practical application and modern insights to VSA, making it accessible to contemporary traders.
  3. Practical Application: Understand how institutional traders and hedge funds utilize VSA to make informed trading decisions. The course includes real-world examples and case studies to illustrate how VSA can be applied to various markets, including stocks, options, and futures.
  4. Identifying Smart Money: Learn how to spot the activities of smart money—the large institutional players whose transactions drive market movements. Recognizing these activities can provide a significant edge in trading.
  5. Predicting Market Moves: Develop the ability to forecast future price movements by analyzing volume patterns and price spreads. This predictive power is essential for making strategic trading decisions.
  6. Interactive Learning: Benefit from a blend of theoretical lessons, practical workshops, and interactive Q&A sessions to reinforce your understanding and ensure you can apply VSA concepts effectively.

Why Take This Course?

  • Proven Methodology: VSA is a time-tested technique used by professionals in the trading world. Learning this method can enhance your trading strategy and improve your market analysis skills.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The course covers all aspects of VSA, from basic principles to advanced strategies, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the technique.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from seasoned experts who have a deep understanding of VSA and a track record of successful trading.
  • Community and Support: Join a community of like-minded traders and benefit from ongoing support and resources to help you succeed in your trading journey.

Enroll in the Volume Spread Analysis course today and start leveraging the power of VSA to enhance your trading performance and achieve your financial goals.

For more information and to register watch the demo video.

Join our premium discussion group for exclusive trade ideas and collaborative learning. Benefit from group discussions, top-quality trade setups, and insights into Forex and US Stock Market trading.

Learn from industry experts through live Zoom sessions, where you can engage in live trade analysis and charting sessions.

All this comes at a nominal fee, ensuring maximum value for your investment. Registrations are open, so seize this opportunity to enhance your trading skills and achieve financial success.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Join our comprehensive course covering all five essential modules:
  • Market Understanding: Learn through live sessions and recorded lectures available on our Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Technical Analysis: Gain insights through live sessions and recorded lectures on our LMS.
  • Advanced Technical Analysis: Delve deeper with live sessions and recorded lectures on our LMS.
  • Fundamental Analysis and News Trading: Dive into this crucial aspect with real-time updates on data releases and news explained via video and voice notes in our group.
  • Risk Management and Trading Psychology: Master this vital component through live Zoom sessions every weekend and voice notes in our groups.
  • Start your journey with us today and unlock your potential for profitable trading.

Course Content

VSA January 2024 Live Batch

  • Lesson:1 Risk Management Class 1
  • Lesson: 2 Trading Psychology Class 2
  • Lesson: 3 SMC-ICT Order Block Class 2
  • Lesson:4 4 Order Block and SMC Practical Examples Class 2
  • Lesson:5 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 1
  • Lesson:6 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 2
  • Lesson:7 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 3
  • Lesson:8 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 4 Revision + Other Discussion
  • Lesson:9 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 5
  • Lesson:10 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Cass 6
  • Lesson:11 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 7
  • Lesson:12 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 8 Live Charting Class 8
  • Lesson:13 Volume Spread Analysis VSA Class 9 Software Implementation + Revision
  • Resource Files and Notes
  • Books Collection – Stock and Forex Trading

July 2023 Batch

Resource Documents and Files

Weekly Live Sessions

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